Dining Alone

by Sandra Kuykendall-Lombard

I remember being single, meeting my friends for lunch, engaging in conversation about our lives, loves and careers. We were so engrossed in our lives at lunch that we never noticed those dining alone.

Time went by since our weekly lunches, some us married while others went on to college and careers in the workforce. I graduated from college and met the man of my dreams. We dated for four years before tying the knot, spending every moment together. We dined together for the rest of our lives or so we thought, then “BAM” I found myself in divorce court arguing over furniture. Is this what my life was going to be? Arguing over furniture?

After letting go of my marriage and accepting it was over, I made the mistake of dating again and after a few rocky relationships, I tired to look forward to my new life alone. It wasn’t easy. Friends didn’t know what to say and phone calls slowly stopped coming. Then the day came I went out to diner alone. I felt like the whole restaurant was staring at me. I didn’t finish my meal and went home. Why? Was I different than anyone else there?

When you are new to dining alone you don’t feel fabulous and you hate it when the maitre d’ asks “How many are you?” You feel like saying “How many do you see?”

It is one of the many experiences you go through after divorce. Of course there’s the grieving, sadness and shock but that’s another story worth telling. Before getting dressed one day, I thought to myself “Sandra, you have every right to dine there alone. Not having a relationship doesn’t make you less of a person.” And so after that pep talk I went to my favorite restaurant and said “Table for one, please.”

Since then I have remarried but I will never be afraid to dine alone again.

Copyright Sandra Kuykendall-Lombard. Sandra Kuykendall-Lombard is a free-lance writer, craftswoman, artist and homeschooler as well as a SAHM to a special needs child. As a free-lance writer, her content focuses on gardening, crafts, relationships and family life. She is currently working on writing a children’s book for Special Needs on Bedtime stories while maintaining a position as a Moderator and Commmunity Leader at Baby University, an online parenting community.