Let Inspiration Find You – Wherever You Are

by Abigail Amy Beal

Some people think they have to go for grand searches to find creative inspiration. In reality, inspiration can be found all around you. Sometimes it takes looking at your world with a different pair of eyes, and more often than not it simply takes really looking at your world to see the creative possibilities right in front of you.

Many creative teachers and leaders encourage people to carry small notebooks with them to catch their inspirations. This is a wonderful idea, and just having the notebook with you may allow you to notice more of these imaginative thoughts that come to you. Be open to thoughts of many different subjects coming to you – even if you are hoping for a creative work solution to come to you during the day you may find a creative solution to another issue at hand.

Open your eyes and begin to wonder. Wondering led me to create a new holiday craft from an item from a friend’s recycling container. Leftover baby food jars looked like such cute containers, so I took several of them home, figuring I would find some use for them. At home I stacked one on top of another and realized that they could make a great snowman. White acrylic paint and one glue gun later, a holiday craft was created.

Ask the question “What If?”. So many projects begin just by asking this question. “What If?” you paint it purple instead of red? “What If?” you write a poem for her birthday? “What If?” you could design or embellish clothing that would suit your unique sense of style?

Notice what you notice. Is your glass always half empty or half full? Do you read the funny papers in the newspaper first, or the sports section? Do you love reality television or do you gotta have your soaps? What do you like about what you are actively bringing into your world via the media and other sources – and what do you wish was different? This could inspire you to create what you truly believe in.

Try something new. What catches your eye? What appeals to you today? Try a different color or a short class. See a different type of movie or read a book on a subject you are curious about. The new thing that catches your eye may lead you to something new which may lead you to something else…it may lead you down a winding road to something even bigger.

Invite more into your world. If your world and inner circle of family, friends and ideas don’t inspire you right now – maybe its time to invite some new things into your world. Make an effort to try something new each week or even every day. Even a small choice like a new lipstick color or where you go to lunch may trigger a flash of inspiration. Just be ready to catch it!

Copyright 2004 Abigail Beal. Abigail Beal a.k.a. “the Gift-wrap Goddess” teaches gift wrap in suburban New York. Contact Abigail Beal at giftwrapgoddess@yahoo.com